Girl In A Coma Awakens San Antonio

It Was Love

It was the summer of 07, my mom and I were driving home when we spotted a garage sale. We stopped, being the thrifty people we are, and shopped around. The sun shined on GIAC’s Jenn Alva’s sky blue bass, which immediately caught my attention. She must have noticed my mom and I scoping it out. “You play?” she asked. “Oh no, but my brother does. It’s beautiful, but I think we’re gonna have to pass. I’m sorry.” I replied. Before we left, she handed me a CD. “Check out my band, this is our CD, Both Before I’m Gone.”  Little did I know, I would fall in love with the all girl trio instantly. Their raw rockibilly sound was unlike anything I had ever heard. For years, GIAC has put on shows at numerous venues, and collected fans with ease. They’re natural performers, and passionate musicians.

No Surprise

Joan Jett and producer Kenny Laguna were quick to sign the girls onto Blackheart Records after seeing them perform at New York’s Knitting Factory. Smart move if you ask me. Compared to likes of The Smiths, Joan Jett, and The King of Rock N’ Roll, Elvis Presley himself, Girl in a Coma has opened for Morrissey, Tegan an Sara, and Social Distortion to name a few. I myself have had the privilege of seeing the girls perform, and meeting them on several occassions.

Making art

Jenn Alva and sisters, Phanie Diaz, and Nina Diaz have a long history which brings this band together as more of a family than just bandmates. A magazine cover of the late, great Kurt Cobain sparked a conversation between the two middle school classmates, Phanie and Jenn.Remainding friends since then, they attended a White Zombie show together where sight of an all female opening band generated a dream. Searching for a singer, they stummbled upon Phanie’s little sister, Nina, performing a song on the front porch. Nina earned the spot as vocalist and songwritter. With drummer, bassist, and singer, the puzzle was complete.

Keep Em’ Coming

If you know me, you know I have a love for these girls and their music. And if you know my sister, you know she does too. Haha. Albums “Trio B.C” and “Adventures in Coverland” didn’t seize to please. A fan of Pasty Cline and Joy division myself, the covers did not disappoint. Wheither you’re downloading their music, buying their CD’s, or watching them live, you’re doing something right.

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