A Crime That Tore A Small Town Apart

True crime writing was taken to a whole new level with the release of The Darkest Night Ron Franscell.

               One car ride. Two young sisters with a brutal fate.
Casper, Wyoming in 1973. Eleven-year-old Amy Burridge rode with her eighteen-year-old sister, Becky, to the grocery store. when they finished their shopping, Becky’s car got a flat tire. Two men politely offered them a ride home. But they were anything but Good Samaritans. The girls would suffer unspeakable crimes at the hands of these men before being thrown from a bridge into the North Platte River. One miraculously survived. the other did not.


 Years later, author and journalist Ron Franscell  was a friend of both Amy and Becky can not forget Wyoming’s most shocking story of abduction, rape, and murder. Neither could Becky the surviving sister. The two men who violated her and Amy were sentenced to life in prison, but the demons of her past kept haunting Becky… until she met her fate years later at the same bridge where she’d lost her sister.

In this intense book Franscell details the story of  Becky Thomson and her younger  sister Amy Burridge were in the wrong place at the wrong time in 1973. It was on this horrible night in Casper, Wyoming, that these two young girls crossed paths with two low life thugs: Ronald Kennedy and Jerry Jenkins.After being beaten and raped Becky  and her little sister were tossed off a canyon river bridge. Kennedy and Jenkins never once gave thought that they could survive but Becky Thomson did.  

When I started reading this book I couldn’t put it down, this is a very good book.This is an emotion book, but one that should be read by anyone who enjoys this genre. It is a book that you will never forget!
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