How To Regift Unwanted Presents and Get Away With It

With Christmas soon approaching, and malls becoming more and more crowded, shopping is becoming a big hassle for everyone. The next big thing that we christmas shoppers encounter is the question of what we will actually BUY our certain someone. As soon as we know it, it’s the twenty-third of December and we have yet to purchase anything. Well, ladies and gents, the solution is here. Re-gifting; where you save money, AND time.

Your first step is to have a “christmas themed scavenger hunt”. Go around your room and house and find any previously received items or gifts that are unwanted in your household anymore. Some of the top regifting items found in house holds are:

3. Candles-  Everyone knows that candles are the needless decoration that adds that extra pizzaz to a fully furnished house. In that case, get rid of all those unwanted aroma’s by giving them to someone who will actually enjoy them.

2. CD’s- I’m sure no one wants to keep listening to their favorite Spice Girls CD or the “Bye, Bye, Bye” album by N’Sync, so take out all your old Britney Spears and Smashmouth CD’s and pass them off for new generations to enjoy.

Who doesn't love a good jam session to N*sync?

1. Jewelry- Every girl has a pair of earrings or that out-of-season-necklace that will no longer be of use. So pass it down to one of your girlfriends who you promised that you’d buy a present for, even though you were actually kidding until your friend approaches you saying that she already bought yours….

Give that play jewelry to your little cousins for christmas.

Even though shopping for presents can be agonizing and tiring, you can accomplish this seasonal step by just just searching through your house and finding those hidden treasures. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Have a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays, with love from the Lee Newspaper Staff.

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