Who Goes Harder?

November 26 “Black Friday” Lil Kim slandered Nicki Minaj, claiming her song featuring Eminem was a diss on her with lyrics like “Is it my fault that all of you BEES gone?
Shoulda sent a thank-you note,
Now I’ma wrap your coffin with a bow
(Ni-ni-ni) “Nicki, she’s just mad ’cause you took the spot”
Got some  out in Brooklyn that’ll off your top”

Lil Kim bit back with her new song “Black Friday”

“Aight, you Lil’ Kim clone clown/ All this buffoonery stops now/ Time for you to lay down/ I’m sick of the fraud/ I’ll put hands on this like Obama’s guards.”

Kim went on to diss Drake, another rapper that has taken Minaj’s side in the feud, saying, “This his hood you and Drake ain’t built for. This the other almost got killed for.

Who Do You Think Goes Harder?


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