Gifts That You Just Don’t Give

We’ve all had them, those Christmas presents that you’re really excited for and then you open them and it’s gum, or underwear, maybe even a t-shirt from your grandparents vacation to Hawaii. Either way, the presents are the worst of the worst. This is a list of the okay, the bad, and the just plain terrible Christmas presents students at Lee High School have ever received.


What is the worst Christmas present you’ve ever received?

“My grandparents got me a males XL sweatshirt, I was like I can’t wear this!” – 9th grader Maddy Stokes said.

Boxers, I already had seven pairs.” – 9th grader Chris Adamas said.

“The worst Christmas present? Probably socks.” – 11th grader Will Salomone said.

“My dad bought me a pet snake and it died the next day.” – 9th grader Sky Rubio said.

Socks, definitely socks.” –  12th grader Albert Hipolito said.

“A box of pencils and a razor when I was like eight.” – 9th grader Sean Nelson said.

“A really bad-looking shirt.” – 10th grader Isaac Calas said.

“It was last year and I got some Hello Kitty stationary and I don’t even like Hello Kitty.” – 9th grader Chloe Williams said.

Socks.” – 10th grader Fatima Jaffer said.

Overall the worst Christmas present on the list:


“I got a pair of socks once,” 9th grader Cosmo Vonhertell said.

“I mean, who wants socks for Christmas?”

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