Jan & Miranda’s Holiday Movie Picks PART 1/3

Part One of Miranda & Jan’s Holiday Movie List. The girls talk about their all time winter film picks for popping into the DVD player on a cold Texas (as if) evening.


J: The best thing about this movie is how we question the point of Christmas, because Will Ferrell tends to go insane over it.
M: Jan, the best thing about this movie is we get to see Mr. Ferrell in yellow, shiny tights.
J: And don’t forget that hat! I seriously wish I had the enthusiasm for the season as an elf would.
M: Agreed! He is just so joyous! And hilarious! I used not like this movie, because I thought it was Will Ferrell acting stupid again, but it really grew on me.
J: I know what you mean! Zooey Deschanel became one of my favorite actresses with this one!

M: Hipster! Just kidding…
J: Haha…no. Lol, this was way before (500). Anywhoos, it was a good ensemble cast.
M: True that. So we both love the heartwarming message and the tights?
J: Not so much the tights. It makes me want to sing in Central Park. That’s one for the bucket list.

It’s A Wonderful Life

J: When’s the last time you saw this, Miranda?
M: …Never. This one is your pick!
J: *gasp* Well, have you ever thought about what it would be like if you didn’t exist?
M: That would utterly terrible! Think of all the people who would be depressed without me! Me!
J: Pshh, well get a hold of yourself there. I’m pretty sure they based an episode of Rugrats on this plot. It’s a classic. Basically, it’s telling to self-sacrifice and not to jump off bridges.
M: Ahh…and who does it star?
J: James Stewart and Donna Reed and Lionel Barrymore. Directed by the lovely Frank Capra.
M: Donna Reed? I love her. Ok, I will take your sage advice and watch it (available on Youtube) with a cup of hot chocolate.
J: Do, do! I’m starting to notice a pattern with movies that I love that end with “Auld Lang Syne.”
M: You’re a strange cookie.

Love Actually

M: Oh dear, I’m afraid this another one of your picks. I don’t like Love Actually.
J: Oh my, state your case.
M: I find the characters to be somewhat annoying at times. I don’t care about any of them, really, except for the little boy who is in love with that singing girl. (For those who don’t know, Love Actually is the intertwining stories of random British people during the Christmas season. Romance abounds.)
J: Point 1: British. I love their [Britain’s] actors more than anywhere else in the world. Alan Rickman, Hugh Grant, Emma Thompson, Keira Knightly, Liam Neeson, Colin Firth – now, people, Miranda really doesn’t like Colin Firth.

M: Yeah. He just ruined that awesome line-up. (Professor Snape! Professor Trelawney! Elizabethtemp Bennet AND Swann!)

J: And Qui-Gon! – that’s Star Wars, kids. That aside, it’s kinda like Valentine’s Day or Paris Je t’aime

M: Valentine’s Day was abysmal, but Paris Je t’aime was very good. Anyway, we are split on Love, Actually then?

J: Yes, we agree to disagree on all counts.

The Family Stone

M: I adore this movie, because it speaks so bittersweetly about all the dysfunction found in families.
J: True, it’s a bit hard to find good family comedies now.
M: Exactly. Mostly they’ve become cheesy, overdone, stereotypical messes and —
J: *cough* Focker sequels *cough*
M: — I think The Family Stone was able to transcend stupid cliches.
J: And be able to highlight the cast: Luke Wilson, SJP (all the way), Rachel McAdams, Claire Danes…Diane Keaton!
M: A lot of talent handling great stuff. WATCH IT EVERYONE.

Continued with Part Two…

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