Rachel’s Tears Book Review

Rachel Scott was just a typical teenager growing up in the 90’s. But Rachel was anything but typical: She was incerdibly dedicated to following and serving God.

Though she was mocked for beliefs by kids at school(2 of which were her killers), at times doubted her faith, and constantly struggled with personal issues every teenager faces, she remained faithful to God.

Then, on April 20, 1999, while enjoying lunch with a friend, Rachel was approached by 2 gunmen. After a pipe bomb was thrown at Rachel and failed to dedinate, they began shooting, hitting Rachel several times in her body. While tryig to crawl away to safety, one of the gunmen pointed the gun at Rachel’s head and asked her “Do you believe in God?”

“You know I do.” was her response

“Then go be with Him.” replied the shooter before fatally shooting Rachel.

Rachel was the first of many to die that fateful day.

Now, 10 years after the horrible tragedy at Columbine, Rachel Scott’s faith lives on. Shortly after her death, her parents discovered a series of private journals in which their daughter had constant conversations with God through letters and also eerily depicted through drawings how she knew she would not have a long life.

In her honor, Rachel’s family had started a school wide program called “Rachel’s Challenge,” about picking up the torch that Rachel dropped and starting a “chain reaction” of love. Because Rachel believed she could change the world one person at a time through the power of God and acts of kindness.

This is truly one of the most inspiring stories to come out of the Columbine shootings that is honestly very hard to put down. This is a heartbreaking, enlightning, stirring and important look into the life of this “Columbine martyr,” who was also one all too human teen.

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