Tragedy In Tucson

Early Saturday morning havoc broke out when suspect, Jared Loughner, began firing at a political meet and greet out front of an Tucson, Arizona local grocery store.

On Sunday Loughner made an appearance in federal court in Phoenix, Arizona, the United States charged him with five criminal charges, including attempted assassination of a member of congress.

Six were killed including U.S. District Judge John McCarthy Roll, nine-year old Christina Taylor Green, Congresswoman Gabrielle Gifford’s outreach Director Gabe Zimmerman, 79-year old Phyllis Schneck, 76-year old Dorwan Stoddard, and 76-year old Dorothy “Dot” Morris.

14 were injured including Congresswoman Gifford who was shot in the head and is recovering in University Medical Center. People gathered outside of the University Medical Center speaking prayers for Gifford and the other victims recovering in the hospital. Flowers are laid out everywhere from the outside of the hospital to the outside of Giffords office.

Flags across the country are flying half staff and on Monday January 10 schools stood together in a moment of silence at 10 am in honor of those who died and are still fighting for their lives.

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