First Place Spurs Have Comfortable Lead In NBA; Ready To Drive For Five

The San Antonio Spurs are the first team to reach 32 wins and have been playing like champions ready for the playoffs.

The Spurs have been doing great on offense but its the defensive end that has been lacking but its working. Spurs basketball everyone is use to is “boring offense and play great defense” and now its like “explosive offense and no defense”.

Not the Spurs defense we are all use to seeing but Spurs have Four championships for a reason they will get back to playing great defense. The Spurs wins will be by double digits and will have control over games.

Tim Duncan not playing that many minutes resting, only playing a lot of minutes when its crunch time and Spurs need him most which is playoffs. Manu Ginobili playing like an M.V.P leading Spurs in scoring and whole Spurs team playing like a team. Everyone is unselfish with the ball and most of the team scores 6 or 7 players score. The bench plays great the Spurs are ready to drive for five this season.

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