Lady Vols Basketball In District Season

girls varsity - senior Giovanni A. - by Tori A.

Basketball district season is continuing and the Lady Vols are playing their best for a good season.

The junior varsity team currently have 1 win to 4 losses for their district record, and 6 wins to 9 losses as their overall record.  Outstanding players are sophomore Brittney Sanchez leading in offense, along with sophomore Cassie McAtee leading in defense, and freshman Barbara Caanen leading in both offense and defense.  Captains on the jv team are sophomore Ruby Esparza, and junior Ciara Villareal who is temporarily not playing due to an injury.

“The entire team has improved on a daily basis and have improved each game,” JV Coach Will Taylor said.  “The girls are working hard to finish the district season with a winning record.  I am very proud of the entire team.  We take pride on our defense and the entire team works very hard at it.  All the girls bring great effort to the court.”

The Lady Vols varsity team have 10 wins to 12 losses overall, and have a district record of 1 win with 4 losses so far this season.  Top outstanding players and leaders among the varsity Lady Vols team are seniors Mariah Silva, Lauren Gutierrez, Leslie Rosales, Ariel Valle, Alex Means, Stephanie Pecina, and captain Gio Alvarez.

“We placed 3rd in the Southside tournament,” Varsity Coach Mikulenka said.  “Yahoo!  The seniors have set high expectations and goals back last spring and they are striving to meet those goals each week.  We continue to grow and develop each week as a stronger team and we look forward to a successful district season.  Gio Alvarez is this years team captain and all seniors are stepping up and leading our team in the right direction for success.  We set goals, use motivational sayings and sometimes do “team” stuff.  This team is special and the new players to varsity as well as the returning letterman are working well together to make this team stronger than ever, thus impress a lot of people in our district.”

As for the Freshman A- and B- teams, the Lady Vols each have an overall record of 8 wins to 12 losses in this season.  The Lady Vols have motivated each other by presenting a sportsmanship attitude and cheering each other.  Team captains are Arielle Cook, Briona Corbeil, and Mia Carrisalez.

“I am expecting my team and players to continue to work hard and do their best both on the court and off,” said freshman A- and B-team coach, Coach Veronica Gomez.  “I am very proud of what they have accomplished this year.”

Support the Lady Vols at their games as they approach the middle of the 2010-11 basketball season.

All Lady Vols games schedule:
Sat. 01/15
FRA                    MacArthur —— A-MacArthur Gym 1 ———— 10:45 AM
FRB                    MacArthur —— A-MacArthur Gym 1 ———— 12 PM
JV                       MacArthur —— A-MacArthur Gym 1 ———— 9:30 AM
VAR                   MacArthur —— H-Littleton Gym —————— 12 PM
Wedn. 01/19
FRA                    Madison —— H-Lee Gym 1 —————— 5 PM
FRB                    Madison —— H-Lee Gym 1 —————— 6:15 PM
JV                       Madison —— H-Lee Gym 1 —————— 7:30 PM
VAR                   Madison —— A-Littleton Gym ———— 5 PM
Sat. 01/22
FRA                    Johnson —— A-Johnson Gym 1 ———— 10:45 AM
FRB                    Johnson —— A-Johnson Gym 1 ———— 12 PM
JV                       Johnson —— A-Johnson Gym 1 ———— 9:30 AM
VAR                   Johnson —— H-Littleton Gym ————— 3 PM
Wedn. 01/26
FRA                    Roosevelt —— A-Roosevelt Gym 1 —— 6:15 PM
FRB                    Roosevelt —— A-Roosevelt Gym 1 —— 7:30 PM
JV                       Roosevelt —— A-Roosevelt Gym 1 —— 5 PM
VAR                   Roosevelt —— H-Littleton Gym ——— 6:30 PM
Fri. 01/28
VAR                   Churchill —A-Littleton Gym ———— 6 PM
JV                       Churchill —– A-Churchill Gym 2 ———— 7:30 PM
Sat. 01/29
FRA                    Churchill —— H-Lee Gym 1 ———— 10:45 AM
FRB                    Churchill —— H-Lee Gym 1 ———— 12 PM

Wedn. 02/02
FRA                    Reagan —— A-Reagan Gym 1 ———— 5 PM
FRB                    Reagan —— A-Reagan Gym 1 ———— 6:15 PM
JV                       Reagan —— A-Reagan Gym 1 ———— 7:30 PM
VAR                   Reagan —— H-Littleton Gym ———— 5 PM
Mon. 02/07
FRA                   MacArthur —– H-MacArthur Gym 1 ———— 6:15 PM
FRB                    MacArthur —– H-MacArthur Gym ———— 7:30 PM
JV                      MacArthur —– H-MacArthur Gym 1 ———— 5 PM


Tues. 02/08
 VAR                    MacArthur —A-Littleton Gym ———— 6:30 PM
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