Lebron James And Heat Number One In East As Last Place Cavaliers Get Destroyed

Lebron James and the Miami Heat are the hottest team right now they are playing better than everyone right now and have first place in the eastern conference.

As for Lebron James’ old team, the Cavaliers were destroyed by 55 points last night vs the Lakers.

James commented on his twitter, “Karma…Gets you everytime. Its not good to wish bad on anybody. Its not good to wish bad on anybody. God sees everything”

Lebron James twitter was aimed at the cavaliers and especially owner Dan Gilbert. Gilbert is unprofessional and he got what he deserved– a losing team. Lebron James deserves a title. I thought he made the right decision; he wants to win so he took his talents to South Beach.

When he left a lot of people showed there true colors city of Cleveland they have no class and Cavaliers organization has no class.

If they really loved Lebron James they would support Lebron James, I know he did the “Decision” in a unprofessional way he could have told the Cavaliers before he went on TV.

Lebron James is Lebron James one of the best players in the world. Its funny how people say they hate him but they still turn on their TV to watch him play and they still pay money to watch him live.

James is still wanting to get that ring and this may be the year. Maybe not and maybe next year; who knows. The  NBA is “where amazing happens.”

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