Nominees For Stratford Court Announced

This Friday the 28th is the Lee Stratford Ball. It will be held at Piper Bass located in the Blossom Athletic Center Complex from 7 until 11 P.M.. Tickets are on sale for $10 in the cafeteria during both lunches. In addition, voting for Stratford Court has already started in the cafeteria.

Here is are the nominees:

9th Grade

Lorena Benavidez

Lorena Cortez

Ashley Olson

Holly Rice

Austin Fezakus

Marcus Martinez

Isaac Navarro

Joshua Ugarte

10th Grade

Norma Cadengo

Cristelle Martins

Gloria Morrell

Anastacia Valdespino

Robert Bobby DeLeon

Jonathan Castillo

Milton Lima

Oscar Ramon

11th Grade

Marlyn Campa

Alyssa Fraga

Jasmine Manjarres

Adriana Solis

Matthew McCracken

Greg Monday

Andrew Rodriguez

Matt Vargas

12th Grade

Cameron Gillespie

Ashley Maskill

Alexandra Rymill

Christine Vasquez

Jose Chapa

Nick Fearon

Kyle Mendoza

Patrick Ybarra

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