Celtics Dominate And Can Lakers Defend Title?

The Lakers and Celtics played in a great game on Sunday afternoon it was back and forth up until the last 4 minutes in the game. The Celtics bigs dominate and Rondo records 16 assists more than the entire Lakers team. The Celtics moving the ball around great and playing good defense as Kobe is looking like the old Kobe. Playing selfish and taking unnecessary shots taking 29 of Lakers 70 shots.

Kobe had took 12 shots in a row, not getting any of his team mates involved as the Lakers big men also shut down by the Celtics Defense as Gasol and Bynum combine for 23 points and 13 rebounds together. Kevin Garnett had as may as rebounds as those two combined Pierce, Allen ,Rondo also big nights.

This Celtics team is scary; the most dangerous team in the NBA. The East is a weak conference with only four dominate teams Celtics Bulls Heat Magic. As for the exciting Western conference nine good teams that have winning records. The Spurs are best team right now winning consistently and Spurs want to dethrone the Lakers and be back on top of the NBA again. This Lakers team has a tough challenge doing a three peat but against power house teams Lakers are 1-4 vs Top 5 teams.

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