Spurs First To Reach 40 Wins

The Spurs played their last home game on Saturday night against the Houston Rockets before the Spurs went on their annual Rodeo Road Trip and nine road games.
The Spurs took care of business at home at beat the Rockets.
It is time for that road trip should be an easy road trip for the Spurs. Only winning teams on the road trip are Lakers and Bulls should be two tough games for the Silver and Black but I expect the Spurs to come out with a win.

The Spurs have been the most consistent team in NBA all year and they are healthy a key factor in the Spurs success the Spurs in the past years have not been healthy. This season the Spurs have and the record speaks for it self 40-7 the Spurs are ready to contend for the tittle. Coach Pop has been named West All-Star coach but Pop known for not all flashing lights and red carpet.

All Popovich wants is for his Spurs to still be playing in June and not watching at home. The Spurs are ready and will be playing for the one prize everyone wants and everyone is San Antonio will be chanting come June “Drive for Five”. There still 37 games left and Spurs are in pace to win 60 plus but Spurs just want playoffs to come thats where the job needs to be done. Spurs know more than everyone it is all about playoffs so this years NBA playoffs will be exciting. The last time the Spurs were first to reach 40 wins they won the tittle remember that.

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