TAKS Schedule Announced


Robert E Lee High School

TAKS Testing

March 1-5, 2011


Tuesday, March 1, 2010: Exit Level Retest, Exit Level, 10

Wednesday Tuesday, March 2, 2010: Exit Level Retest Math

Thursday, March 3, 2010: Exit Level Retest Science, 10

Friday, March 4 2010: Exit Level Retest Social Studies




th and 9th ELA th Grade TAKS Makeup



Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday: Regular Bell Schedule

Tuesday: (NO BELLS) Total School Testing – no classes will be held.


Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday – Regular lunch schedule

Tuesday: Students will return to their assigned rooms after their lunch is over.


Any students who arrive late and needs to test, needs to SIGN IN AT THE ATTENDANCE OFFICE, get a pass and go to the appropriate testing hallway and see the counselor for further instructions.


Any Student classified in the computer as a 12

Juniors who have passed Exit Level, Foreign Exchange students, and Seniors who arrive prior to 12:00 pm, will be held in the cafeteria in the morning and move to the auditorium at 12:00.

Any student who fits in this category and has Coop, VAC, Senior Release will be allowed to leave at their normal time. They will check out with the Senior Sponsors.

Senior PALS and Senior Student Council Members will meet in 702 at 11:15 for instructions regarding lunch delivery.




th grade student, who has completed the criteria for ELA TAKS will not have to arrive to campus until 12:00. These students will be moved to the Auditorium by 12:00pm.

TAKS InformationTAKS Information


1. All backpacks and books must be placed at the front of the room or away from the desks. Please help us in keeping unnecessary items at home.

2. CELL PHONES, IPODS, PSP’S, MP3, LAPTOPS, ETC. MUST BE PLACED IN THE FRONT OF THE CLASSROOM, IN STUDENT’S LOCKER, OR IN STUDENT’S CAR. THE BEST CASE SCENARIO IS TO NOT BRING THE PHONES OR ANY ELECTRONIC EQUIPMENT INTO ANY TESTING AREA. Disciplinary action may result for any of these violations. The student’s who choose to violate this policy will possibly have their test’s invalidated.

3. Alarms on watches need to be turned off.

4. Breakfast will be served in the cafeteria for any student who will be testing each day of the week beginning at 8:00. Any students who need to continue their test beyond the lunch time will also be provided lunch. Both of these are at no cost to the student.

5. Students will receive pre-coded answer documents.

6. The test is un-timed and students must be allowed to work at their own speed UNTIL 7:00PM.

7. Students are not allowed to use any scratch paper, space is provided in the test booklet for organization of thoughts and creating outlines.

8. Examinees may use highlighters or colored pencils in the test booklet if the students request to use them from the ones provided, not on the answer document. Colored transparency or magnification is also allowed for any student.

9. English-language dictionaries and a thesaurus must be provided for student use. If students choose to use their own dictionary the administrator must check for notes or outlines in the dictionary. Foreign-Language dictionaries are not permitted.

10. If any student in a classroom still has a test booklet and answer document, all other students must remain seated in their assigned seats during the test. They are not allowed to talk to one another while students are still testing and have possession of their test materials.




Students should FILL IN the form number and the test booklet # ONLY on the front of the document. In addition, the student will be asked to sign an honor statement on their answer document. Check answer documents as students finish to be sure that there is no bubbling on the pre-coded answer documents. Extra bubbling may invalidate a score. Please check this carefully.

A student who arrives after the testing has begun may be tested if sufficient time remains and if the student has not had contact with students who have completed the test.

100% attendance is critical for all test-takers. For those students not taking a test, attendance will be taken and could affect exam exemptions at the end of the year.

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