It’s All About that ‘Red and Grey’: Young Ace’s Song in Story

Red and Grey – Young Ace


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Red & Grey a new song focused on Lee’s school spirit, performed by Edgar Cutino AKA, Young Ace. With the need to improve school spirit a new hit was made.

“I felt like we lacked school spirit, so I thought write a song, write something they will like,” Cutino said. “And I like walkin’ into a class and hearing myself.”

Recording took four days, but only because there was something missing. Cutino and his producer, Aubrey Baker AKA Jackpot, went through the recordings and decided adlibs would be a good addition.

“I think the adlibs woke the song up, brought it to life,” Cutino said. “Brought people more into the song.”

Red & Grey became more than just a fun song for Cutino, it became a reflection on all of his high school years here at Lee.

“This song is very special to me because I’ve been here for four years,” Cutino said. “People are like ‘What you wrote this in 30 minutes?’ Well, I have been here since freshman year I won Homecoming King this year, I’m in student council, senior board, and varsity football. I’m just so involved, that’s why I could write it in 30 minutes.”

A video is in the process of being recorded on campus. Cutino is receiving the help of Ryan Phillip’s Video Tech class. The music video will include a variety of students, teachers, the campus, and even the “Paz-Mobile.”

“Ms. Gish, pitched me the idea of shooting the video. That Mr. Phillip’s has a video tech class and he might be interested,” Cutino said. “I love the spotlight, I love the attention, and if the camera is on me it makes me feel good.”

Cutino and his producer Baker will be performing Red & Grey at Wednesday’s spring pep rally during 8th period.

” I want everybody wear red and grey on Wednesday.”

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