Spurs One Win Away From 50 Wins And Ready To Drive For Five

The San Antonio Spurs: the first to reach 20 wins, the first to reach 30 wins, the first to reach 40 wins, and with 49 wins just one more win to be the first to 50 wins and set a franchise record 12 straight seasons with 50 or more wins.

The Spurs are playing great consistent basketball they are also ready to clinch playoff birth.They are and have been the best team the past 12 years; always consistent.  (That word is bolded because when it comes to playoffs you can always count on Ol’ Reliable the Spurs always in the playoffs every season.)

This outstanding season is now making everyone appreciate the quiet Spurs who aren’t about media hype,  just a dominant team in the NBA that you can count on to leave it all on the court.

The Spurs have four game games in the next 6 days a division rival back to back tuesday against division rival Memphis Grizzlies and Wednesday against the NBA worst team Cleveland Cavaliers. Then a huge game friday Spurs will play the Miami Heat and another big game Sunday against the Los Angeles Lakers two huge games.

The Spurs looking to get home court advantage it would be big for the Spurs to have home court advantage especially cause the home record this season 28-2 at home. The Spurs will be scary to play in the playoffs all this team has team has to be is healthy. (I bolded this word because this is the reason for Spurs success.)

The past season Spurs were not healthy but this season everyone is healthy and are ready to “Drive For Five”.

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