Spurs in Trouble?

Are the Spurs in trouble?I ask this question because the Spurs have been dominant over this entire season but this one key injury could hurt them in finishing first place in the NBA. In Sunday nights game vs. the Memphis Grizzlies the Spurs had a physical game with the young Grizzlies team.

During the second quarter Tony Parker was injured and out for the rest of game. Tuesday morning Parker was diagnosed with a strained left soleus (lower calf).

This set the stage for the Spurs receiving  a loss last night to Memphis. With Spurs a tough schedule ahead of them they take on Miami Heat Friday night and Los Angeles Lakers Sunday afternoon without Parker.

The Spurs, with a comfortable lead ahead of division rival Dallas Mavericks and rival of past decade the  Los Angeles Lakers, need to hang on and get healthy.

If the Spurs can get two wins in the next three games they will be fine and will keep first place and still in pace to win 60 plus games. Spurs fans should try to to worry too much, but these next three games are critical.

The Spurs are the Spurs though and they can adjust to an injury like Parker’s. This is the one thing that will keep them from that goal (Drive for Five) and that is to stay healthy. The Spurs will be fine and when Parker is back the Spurs will be back on track and ready to drive for five.

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