SOPHOMORE ONLINE: Cyber bullying, YouTube trash,and a Teenage Girl

With a current explosion of her name, face, and…”song,” Rebecca Black has gotten much attention this past month.
Black’s single “Friday” is more or less a hit. Although she hasn’t had much positive attention it’s still attention regardless. The meat of this comes in with the attention she has been getting.

I personally do not like her song at all, the autotune creates a nasally sound and the video is ridiculously unrealistic. 13 year olds driving a convertable, yeah right! Either way, she had courage enough to make the video and post it, oh and she had the money as well.

Black’s song has just over 80 million views in one month! That’s incredible, only she has gotten anything but hate from her viewers. People have told her to kill herself, that she needs to become anorexic to be pretty, and have made parodies of her song that seem extremely mean.

I’m sure as a teenager she has had to deal with a lot over this past month from many people, but she has a name now. Black has been able to ask Justin Bieber to duet with her, she has had many interviews and i’m sure some producer has looked into making her a real star.

Whether people liked her song or not, it doesn’t give them leeway to bash this young girl and say the things they have said. I even believe the people who have been saying such rude things are incompetent. They sit there and talk about how much they hate her, leave posts on her video, making themselves listen to the song over and over. If they hate it so much, forget about it! But no, it’s always on their mind and isn’t that what a good song is supposed to do – stick with you.

Because the of the interenet people have been able to open up and share things with the world, and when it becomes viral people react with put downs and hate mail. Our society has just degraded and is now a collected population of low lifes who need to think about what they could possibly be doing to anothers life.

Black may not be the best artist out there, but she definitely has moxy.

Black doesn’t deserve the way she has been treated. People need to reach deep, deep, deep into their inner humanity and realize what they’re doing is wrong.

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