Footnotes Review

With the year coming to an end, NESA Dance majors put on their last show of the year, Footnotes. With a wide variety of dance genres and and styles, the show has a very different feel from the holiday show, Steppin’ Into the Holiday’s.

With choreographers from all over the country this show was definitely more vibrant, fun, and new. Although the night started out a little rocky, the show went on and got a whole lot better.

Hosts Gabriel Bernal and Georgia Jenkins pushed the night along swimmingly with jokes and easy going attitudes.

The first half of the night wasn’t too extravagant. Some of the routines were a bit mediocre, a few times the music was too loud, and there were quite a few times a dancer or two would be off for a majority of the number.

A solo tap dance in the first half, Lean On Me choreographed by Rhonda Miller and danced by Larah Pamplin, seemed to be a nice tap routine. The only issue is the music was too loud to hear Pamplin’s tap, which is the real reason we sat watching the little jig.

The night really seemed to sky rocket as soon as Alina Garza took the stage for her solo Don’t Rain On My Parade, choreographed by Sarah Fazio. The routine was a wonderful solo, that was danced exceptionally well. Garza had amazing enthusiasm and emotions that were consistently displayed on her face. Garza played with her audience and the music, which just wrapped me up in her as well as the performance.

After intermission a hip hop routine really got the audience kickin’, Complicated choreographed by Mario Velez was a nice somewhat fast paced routine, which was just plain fun to watch. Walker Brown, who was the spotlight dancer during the routine really stood out not only because he was the only male, but because he had an amazing way of appealing to the audience. His dances skills really were great, his locking was precise, he was perfectly insync with the music, and his face was just full of enthusiasm that just rocked the stage.

A contemporary piece, Dream came after. Being performed and choreographed by Madison Tinder, I fell in love with the routine, with Tinder, with her dancing, and this would be the best performance of the night. She danced beautifully with wonderful lines, emotions, and skill. The routine gave me chills and I just wanted to hit replay, replay, replay, replay. Then after that routine, I just couldn’t keep my eyes off of her.

Another contemporary piece later on that night was one quite fantastic. Anything For You choreographed by Katee Shean, really captivated me, but mostly because the intensity Nina Poenisch had on the stage. Poenisch held so much emotion in her face and the way she moved was so crisp and clean. She took hold of the stage as the leading lady and refused to let go.

With a variety of humor with It’s Raining Men choreographed by Dena Mabry, to a serious tango feel with Escandalo choreographed by Chip Abbott, to an emotional send off of senior dancers with I Will Rememember You choreographed by Dena Mabry and Carolyn Shierk, Footnotes had everything imaginable. It was enjoyable, the dances were fun, and although the music was occasionally too loud the night ran extremely well.

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