Prom Dresses 2011

Looking for something cute to wear to prom? Want a dress thats unique and that NO ONE will have?

Well here are some sites that can help you achieve finding your “perfect” prom dress.


– Rent The Runway is unique website not a lot of people know about.

Its a site where you can rent dresses hot off the runway for a low cost.

It sounds like a scam but it’s a reliable site and you’ll be satisfied when you look better than everyone else at prom.

2. is a well recognized site. This website has been shown in Seventeen Magainze and Cosmo.

This is a one stop prom shop. They have every type of dress you could imagine.

3. is more of club scene types of dresses.

If your looking for something you can wear more than once this is the place.

If you don’t mind spending a little extra cash then this is perfect.

4. is the best website I’ve found so far.

It’s so easy to find something your looking for.

If you know exactly what style, designer and color this is the website for you.

5. is also mentioned in Seventeen Magazine because it has unique style as well.

They have a mobile app that is useful if you have an android phone.

Hope you find these websites useful and look stunning at prom !

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