SENIOR ONLINE: Media Monsters

Last night, I checked my Facebook and my Tumblr. I saw a few funny/interesting celebrity tweets circulating. I wrote a comment about an article on ThoughtCatalogue. I listened to an unknown musician’s single from their Myspace page. I watched the most recent Charlieissocoollike YouTube video and “LOL”-ed at his adorable British antics.

I’d like to convince myself I’m not a technology addict. Yes, I am definitely plugged into the online world, but my personal self-promotion stops at the quirky photos I post on my Tumblr blog and the profile picture I display on Facebook, both of which I’ve had for very short amount of time.

But let’s get real. Our generation, one that being labeled as Generation X, is full of media monsters. There are 14 year old girls transforming into respected fashion blog moguls, kids posting videos of themselves dancing in Apple stores and getting a million hits, twitters for Ashton Kutcher and your next door neighbor, and all sorts of blogging platforms that allow users to post anything–from their trails through cancer to their creepy R-rated fanfiction. (To all the Harry Potter fans: ‘Drarry’, anyone?)

All the media outlets available for our generation breeds Rebecca Blacks and liquidates fame and pop culture. Black was just a girl wishing to be a star. A pair of sleazy music producers appealed to her wealthy parents and the deal created an awful song. That song and its music video has spawned countless mockeries and Black, a real girl, is a media joke.

Tomorrow though, there will be new punchline, a new Nobody finding futile fame, because in today’s world you don’t need talent to be famous.

You just need a computer.

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