**Prom DOs & DON’Ts

Everyone always worries about prom; what their going to wear, who their going to take and where to go afterwards.

Here’s  a list to help you stress less and make prom night one you’ll remember forever.


Do make all entrances with your date. They’re your date for a reason, don’t leave them.

-Do take her out to a nice dinner before prom. You don’t want to be dancing on a empty stomach, but just don’t over do it.

-Do pull out a ladies chair. Chivalry is so in style.

-Do arrive on time. Tardiness is never acceptable.

-Do make her feel special. Every girl dreams of the perfect prom night.


Don’twalk ahead of or behind your date. You should make all entrances with your date, that’s part of being a gentleman.

Don’t drink and drive. You shouldn’t be drinking at all, but if you do call a cab.

Don’t forget your dates boutonniere. Flowers are a must on prom night.

Don’t break up with your boyfriend/girlfriend on prom night or prom week! Even if you don’t like the guy/girl at least wait until prom is over.

Don’t forget to tell her how beautiful/handsome she/he looks. Compliments are always nice, especially when their sincere.

I hope you find these tips helpful!

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