The Journals Of Rachel Scott Book Review

Columbine victim Rachel Scott struggled with personal issues like every teenager.

Whether it was personal or spiritual, Rachel dealt with it all. How did she vent? By writing in her trusty journals.

And she met her challenges with a faith so deep, so energetic, so alive that it underscored everything she said, wrote and did during her seventeen years on this planet.

Nowhere is this more evident than in the stacks of the six journals she left behind.

Rachel’s artwork, poetry, letters, and running talks with God pepper the pages of her journals. She emphasizes her relationship with God and her commitment to Christian living.

She was serious about her faith and her search for God.

What makes this book so interesting is that it includes personal narratives from Rachel, her wonderfully written short stories and poems, her beautiful drawings, and even her chilling, actual journal entry from the morning of April 20, 1999 (the last day of her life).

The book also comes with additional “Me Pages” called “Just Between God and Me”, which allows teen readers to explore issues (what I’m afraid of, what makes me mad) central to their life and faith.

This book highlights Rachel’s faith journey incerdibly. From the time she became a Christian, through her joys and doubts, her hopes and dreams, this is a book of triumphant testimony that teens will treasure.

Rachel Scott had an energetic faith, was a joy to those who loved her, tackled doubt head-on, and inspired others to trust. Now, you can discover this teenage Christian and her journey of faith at Columbine High.

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