Junior Online: Facebook Launches Page for Journalists ‘Like’ Us.

Launched on April 2nd, "Journalists on Facebooks" now attempts to bring social media and reporting into a common medium.

The world’s largest social networking site just released “Journalists on Facebook” this week.

“Reach your readers directly,” the description reads, “an audience of more than 500 million people around the world.” With over 26,000 likes in the first three days, it’s an encouraging turn for Facebook’s future.

The new page aims to utilize Facebook as a place for journalists and users alike to post and circulate news stories through online publications. Using the term “social journalism,” it markets itself to individual journalists with the support of big-name writers and reporters from various news sources.

It features Articles, Videos, and Notes, and with the recent addition of  Questions, discussions can be held on an online public forum, hopefully leading to much more meaningful exchanges than “What animal am I?”

Now, Facebook isn’t “just” a place to reconnect, (harmlessly) cyberstalk, play Farmville or an outlet for “What’s on your mind,” but is growing the trust of intellectuals and the greater globe. Look at how networking revolutionized the world in the past year – the role they have and continue to play in the Middle East, the ruckus they’re causing in China, and the millions beginning to embrace it in the Pacific islands.

With the question of “What’s Next” in technology, you can’t help but think if Facebook will die out like Myspace or (oh gosh) Friendster did. I was browsing headlines on the Beeb a couple of weeks ago, one saying ‘Myspace loses millions of users,‘ and I couldn’t help but say, “Eh-duh…” out loud – to the puzzlement of my Calculus group.

With FB looking to strengthen partnerships with members of the media itself, the site moves to always be a resource and hopes to never be forgotten.

This could be thanks to Mark Zuckerberg’s obviously better-headed sister, Randi. Also the company’s spokesperson, she handles “marketing, politics, current events & non-profits for Facebook” and hosted video interviews for the launch with NYT’s Nicholas Kristof (he’s one of my favorites) and The Post’s own Arianna Huffington.

Get Started (Oops, we already did.)

“Facebook for Journalists” is nice enough to outline a 4-step plan to utilize Facebook for professional reporting. Well, the Bugle Call was way ahead of them. If you haven’t friended us yet, shame. [Let the guilt sink in and Click for our profile]

Because this the first year for the Bugle Call Online, we’ve been able to explore the different ways to let readers know about our updates, via Facebook and Tumblr. Links are a wonderful, wonderful thing. Post or reblog our stories, and help others get to know us.

The Bugle Call's Facebook - Friend us!

As for me, it can be said that a majority of my life is posted somewhere on Facebook. Not in a way where “everyone gets to know exactly how I’m feeling today,” but it’s definitely a way to keep in touch with friends and family I don’t see very often and for them to ‘like’ and comment on my stuff – especially on my work. It’s good to know I have a group supportive of my efforts in journalism and beyond.

Jan's registry into the "Facebook for Journalists" community.

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