The Bugle’s Call: Top 5 MUST SEE Movies for APRIL

1. Arthur

Guy with a Peter Pan complex must get a job in order to avoid marrying a creepy Jennifer Garner and falls for a nice girl, but can’t be with her or he’ll lose his millions. Hmm. Or something like that. But Russell Brand seems just so unusually sweet.

2. Your Highness

James Franco as knight. Natalie Portman. Zooey Deschanel. Nuff’ said.

3. Hanna

Think Jason Bourne from the Bourne Identity trilogy as a young girl in the Scandinavian woods and you’ve got Hanna. Directed by the usually delicate Joe Wright, Hanna looks like a tense, thrilling film with a strong cast.

4. Soul Surfer

I love surfing movies. I wish I was a true surfer: living by the tides, eating oceanside burritos, getting sand everywhere. But that’s besides the point. This is an inspirational story about Bethany Hamilton. I’ve grown up with her story and seeing it brought to screen is quite moving.

5. Water for Elephants

Yeah, Robert Pattinson is in this movie, but past his (admittedly attractive) face is what looks like a lush adaption of the New York Time Bestselling novel of the same name. I’m always a sucker for things that have to do with circus folk, because there’s always something sinister and unhappy beneath the red tents.

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