Maquina Roja Season For Boys Varsity Soccer End

The name “Maquina Roja” (translated from Spanish to English is the “Red Machine”) is the usual call on the tradition established a long time ago at Robert E. Lee to help inspire the team to maintain, if not gain advantage, what all of the teams have accomplished in the recent and the distant past.

“We are striving to win our fourth consecutive district championship this year,” said Coach Ryan Ramos early before the official season began.  “We would also like to earn a trip to the Region IV Tournament in Brownsville too.  It would be the first time since 2000 since that’s happened here at Lee.  Our elected team captains are Ben Gutierrez and Eduardo”Lalo” Garcia.  As far as the most outstanding I’d have to ask in what capacity since their skill sets are so different based on what position they play, but offensively I’m sure John Michael Villarreal, Julio Cruz and Robert Moreno will lead the team in goals and assists.  As for midfielders, Bryin Venegas, Braulio Torres and JT Menchaca should get a lot of attention. And at Defense, I’d say that both our captains, Ben and Lalo should get a lot of the attention there.  I feel very fortunate to have such a tremendously motivated group of student-athletes here at Robert E. Lee.  As the Head Mens Soccer Coach, I could ask for a better position in all of San Antonio!  I look forward to giving our great school a season to remember as we attack the 2011 soccer season in pursuit of our first state championship!”

By now, the Lee Vols boys soccer season had recently come to an end; the teams had worked their hardest to help their team bring home some victories.

Before the district season had officially begun, the varsity team has had victories over number one ranked Clark with 1 goal to no goals score, 2 goals to 1 goal against Judson, and 1 goal with no goals versus Burbank, and had tied Laredo United at 1 goal to 1 goal in the scrimmages they had played.

Returning athletes for the varsity team are varsity players are ten seniors Arturo Aguilar, Edwin Buendia, Julio Cruz, Johnny Escobedo, Eduardo Garcia, Ben Gutierrez, Albert Hipolito, JT Menchaca, Nestor Salinas, Miguel Solorzano, with juniors Germaine Singa-Craddock, Fransisco Garcia, Robert Moreno, Bryin Venegas, as well as the two sophomores Adan Aviles and Carlos Segura.

“I expected for the team to build on each other to take the program to new heights with teamwork with an established sense of tradition and a strong desire to win,” said ISA senior and team captain J.T. Menchaca on the Varsity team.  “Of course you look forward to the Reagan (and) Churchill games because they’ve always been our rival, and I feel that we performed to the best of out ability and represented Lee well.  When one of our players was injured and taken to the hospital, we continued playing the game for him, and ended up beating one of our rivals.  I played mid-field and defense.  I’ve played soccer for 13 years.  I’m going to attend Harvard in the Fall and I plan to study Environmental Science and Public Policy.  I absolutely plan to play soccer in college.”

Due to disorderly conduct early in the pre-season of soccer, a few soccer players not be mentioned will not be playing this soccer season.

During tournaments there were no awards given to the team or individuals on the team, for All District Soccer junior Johnmichael Villerreal earned 1st Team, seniors J.T. Menchaca, Julio Cruz  and junior Bryin Venegas each earned 2nd Team, while senior Ben Gutierrez/Arturo Aguilar/Edwin Buendia/Cristian Mendoza Honorable Mention.

Top athletes on varsity are John Micheal Villareal, Julio Cruz, Ben Hernandez, John Menchaca, Bryin Venegas, Edwin Buendia, Eduardo Garcia.  “I am not big on having captians,” Coach Bryan Myler III said.  “On this team everyone is a Captian.”

The varsity team ended their season with 8 wins to 12 loses and 4 ties for their overall season record.  For their district season, the team  finished with 5 wins to 3 loses to 4 ties as their team’s district record.

The team has worked hard this season, despite the hard times of losing some of their teammates and their guiding Head Soccer Coach, Coach Roberto Ramos, early in the pre-season.  Ramos’ Assistant Coach, Coach Bryan Myler III, has been move up to fill in for Ramos for as the Head Soccer Coach this season.  Coach Bryan Myler III’s Assistant Coach is now Coach Matt Hebert to help in coaching the soccer teams.

An upside of the season for the boys is that the varsity team worked hard to go all the way to Play Offs this season, regardless of the unexpected changes this season.

This season, the Lee Vols varsity athletes had a team of 13 seniors, 8 juniors, with 6 sophomores that went to Play Offs on Tuesday, March 30th.  The seniors on the team who made it to Play Offs were Arturo Aguilar, Julio Cruz, Juan Escobar Romo, Eduardo Garcia, Benjamin Gutierrez, Albert Hipolito, Arcade Ikizakubuntu, John Thomas Menchaca, Vladimir Munoz Garcia, Luis Rodriguez, Nestor Salinas Morales, Miguel Solorzano, and Yousef Zayed.  Juniors on the varsity team were Edwin Buendia, Jose Garcia Martinez, Cristian Mendoza, Roberto Moreno, Victor Nunez-Moreno, Bryin Venegas, John-Michael Villarreal, and Germain Singacraddock.  Last, but not least, the sophomores among the athletes on the varsity team who made it to Play Offs include Adan Aviles Aviles, Luis Marez, Jesus Pezo Alba, Carlos Segura, Braulio Torres Venegas, and Obed Trinidad.

“This years team grew up together,” Coach Bryan Myler III said about the team.  “This team went through a lot and together they worked themselves out of a hole and made they playoffs.  The season ended not the way we wanted.  We lost to Steele High School in overtime.”

Thank you seniors for your continuous effort to contribute to helping the team and lead them to as many victories as the team has achieved through endless team work this season.

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