Rose, Durant Fall Short In 5 Games But Both Will Be Back Next Year

Wednesday and Thursday two of the NBAs top 5 players had their backs on the wall. NBA scoring champion Kevin Durant and M.V.P Derrick Rose both have two young teams that are hungry for a championship.

Both Thunder and Bulls could have easily been up 3-2 in their series. Both teams had leads in 4th quarter but both of these teams failed to execute in the 4th quarter and lost the games. The Thunder lost in 5 games to the Dallas Mavericks and Chicago Bulls lost to Miami Heat in 5 games.

The  Thunder and Bulls both contenders for tittle years to come probably the contenders for next decade. This was just not their year that’s what happens to young teams they have a great run and fall short to a veteran team.Be sure to see the Thunder and Bulls here in conference finals next year and they just become better as a team. Bulls and Thunder are the future of NBA and NBA will be exciting as seasons go.

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