The Countdown To Summer Begins

Only 23 more days till summer is here and I know I’m not the only one counting.

Summer is the best time of the year.

Sandy beaches, sleeping in till noon and making memories with your best friend that last a lifetime.

Yes all of those things are fun but here are some other ideas for what you could do over Summer 2011.


1. Take a road-trip with your best friend or family. Preferably somewhere you’ve never been. Road-trips are fun!

You get to sleep in uncomfortable positions, eat junk food almost all day and take pictures of random places along the way.

2. If your going in to your Senior Year, take a weekend off from spending time with your friends and go tour a college with your parents.

It gives you an opportunity to get out of the house and see what college is really all about.

3. Community Service 0

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