End of Two Eras?

Is it the end of the two best teams of the last 12 years and they have had two of the top 10 players in history Tim Duncan and Kobe Bryant. 

The Spurs and Lakers have a combined 9 NBA titles in last 12 years the Spurs have had 50 or more wins in 11 straight seasons  and the best win percentage in past 11 years in all pro sports and 4 NBA titles with that. The Lakers have 5 titles a three peat and a back to back title run. 

The Spurs this season had dominated with the best record in the west and had home court throughout playoffs. That home court advantage didn’t matter with the Spurs losing in first round to a young hungry talented Grizzlies team. Spurs are aging and the western conference is tougher now. Spurs will have to make some off season changes. 

The Lakers having a decent season answering all questions after a losing streak with “wait till playoffs that’s where we win” and Lakers were 18-6 after all star break and taking second place in west the defending champs struggle with New Orleans and move on to play a Dallas team who is hungry for a title. The Mavericks dominated the Lakers and embarrassed them and swept them 4-0. 

The question everyone is asking for Spurs and Lakers is “is it over?” Is this the end of Spurs/Lakers era and time to pass the torch to Thunder and Grizzlies and other young teams? These two franchises have been the two most successful in the past 12 years, but let’s see how they do in off season Spurs needing another dominate big man so Duncan can pass the torch too and Lakers just aging also, it will be a busy off season for both of these teams.

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