Lebron Finally Defeats Green Monster

Lebron James has had his own rivalry in playoffs with a team that always seems to stop him from going to NBA finals. In 2008 Lebron fell short in a thriller series that went 7 games but lost game 7. In 2010 when Lebron and his Cavaliers had best record in the NBA they fell short again to Boston in 6 games. 

Following another disappointing season Lebron took his talents to south beach to join Dwayne Wade and his Miami Heat team that has also been disappointing after winning 2006 NBA title. The Miami Heat have been the talk of the 2010-2011 season with “the decision” and “the super team” this Miami Heat team had to live up to all the hype especially Lebron James who has brought it to the team. 

Lebron James and the Heat had second best record in the east and had dominated first round series against a young sixers team. The next round the Heat faced Lebrons Achilles heel the Boston Celtics which what we thought would go 7 games but only went 5 games. Four of the five games that were close Heat took care of business down the stretch. 

Lebron was a whole other person his face in game 5 showed that he wanted to beat this team he was a Lebron that we have never seen just on a mission beating the Celtics. Lebron scored 10 big points in final two minutes to take Heat to next round after the win Lebron was being the humble person he is he talked about how he respects this Celtics team. How hard it was to eliminate them and apologizes to Cleveland and said he couldn’t beat the Celtics on his own so that’s why he took his talents to south beach. 

Lebron wants this title more than ever and this is a new whole other Lebron that can win it all.

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