Looming Final Exams

Summer. Only a few weeks away, and everyone is ready for it now. Beaches, parties, friends, relaxation, and absolutely no work. Days spent lounging by the pool, not sitting in a classroom.

I know I’m excited. Of course, a huge barrier stands between us and (seemingly) endless days of paradise. Something called final exams.

Finals are stressful whether or not you’re able to exempt some. Although you may think these last few weeks of school should be spent doing, well, nothing; that’s not going to be the case.

So, start hitting the books, because as it turns out, we’ve still got a lot of school left.

The exam schedule is:

Wednesday, May 25th-1st and 7th for Seniors

Thursday, May 26th 3rd and 8th for Seniors

Friday, May 27th 2nd and 5th for everyone

Monday, May 30th-HOLIDAY

Tuesday, May 31st 4th and 6th-Seniors last day

Wednesday, June 1st 3rd and 8th-early release

Thursday, June 2nd -1st and 7th-early release

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