Christina Perri Sings Her Broken Heart Out

In July 2010, a struggling 24 year old singer-songwriter and musician from Philadelphia named Christina Perri had a life-changing moment when she was asked to perform a song she had written, a defiant break-up anthem called “Jar of Hearts,” on the Fox show So You Think You Can Dance. The raw, emotional quality of her performance connected with viewers and catapulted Perri into the public eye. “Jar of Hearts” went on to sell a million downloads and land Perri, who was then supporting herself as a café manager in Beverly Hills to make ends meet at the time, a deal with Atlantic Records.

Fans were clearly excited when Perri told VH1 that she would be releasing a full length album in early 2011. The pandemonium even caused her devouted fans to download her Ocean Way Sessions EP to cope with the wait. It recieved up to 5,000 downloads. They anxiously waited, and let’s just say, the wait was worth it!

Released on May 10, 2011, Perri’s album lovestrong. is an album that, described by Perri, “reflects how everyone’s heart feels when they get hurt” and she isn’t lying. The running theme of the entire album is heartbreak. While most may find that a bit stale, others find it relateable.

Besides her brutally honest gem “Jar Of Hearts”, Perri uses her soaring, bittersweet voice, expressive piano and guitar playing to sketch out her stories of heartbreak, betrayal, hope and revenge. For example, some songs like “Penguin”, “Arms” and “Bluebird” are happy and hopeful. “Bang Bang Bang” is a darkly funny song about revenge. And others like “The Lonely” and “Tragedy” are downright wrenching ballads of a broken heart.

Though it may seem like this album has a common thread, it is 100% “me. ” It is a heartfelt, real, bold, honest, vulnerable, hopeful, strong, poetic, bluesy, indie, gritty, pretty, and simple masterpiece from a promising young artist.

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