Fright Night, worth it? Yes!

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>Rated R – Foul language, frightening images, some gore(purposefully placed for the 3D effect), and some nudity(women walking around in undergarments, but half covered by a robe)


>106 minutes long


>My Rating – The movie is somewhat predictable, but enjoyable. It definitely has a comedic view on all the traditional vampire myths. See it with a few friends and enjoy.


> Should you see it? Yes, but only if you can handle some blood, cursing, creepy vampire faces, you know, the usual.


I initially went into the theater to see Grace Phipps in action. Phipps being a Lee grad from 2010 is becoming a sort of package for the Lee Bugle Call newspaper.


Sadly Phipps only played a minute long role, within the first 10 minutes of the movie. Not much to review there.


But onto the the other hour and 40 minutes.


I was timid about this movie, seeing as it is a remake, and Hollywood has decided to make a remake of every movie which has ever existed. On top of it all, majority of the remakes are garbage. It’s safe to say anyone would be worried about how awful this movie might be.


It really wasn’t that bad though.


*Spoiler Alert Begins HERE!* (It ends after a few paragraphs)


The movie begins with a bloody horrific death of a whole family, including a frightened teenaged boy with a gun, Adam. When the his nerdy friend, Ed (Christopher Mintz-Plasse), realizes he is missing, he turns to the now super-cool-with-a-hot-girlfriend-ex-best-friend, Charley Brewster (Anton Yelchin).


Ed exclaims Jerry (Colin Farrell), Charley’s new next door neighbor, is a vampire. Charley turns Ed away, not able to believe his story.


After Ed turns up missing Charley searches Ed’s computer to find a video of Jerry, but Jerry being a vampire cannot be seen.


When the lives of Charley’s mother (Toni Collette), girlfriend Amy (Imogen Poots) and his own are threatened, war is declared.


The movie concludes with a highly predictable, but exciting ending.

*Spoiler over!*


Fright night is good fun. It will never be the best movie out there, but it is certainly something worth seeing. It is exciting and it is predictable. But everyone needs a good simple thrill now and again.
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