Healthy Habits For Healthy Living

Looking for ways to stay healthy for your New School Year Resolution? Here’s a few lifestyle tips for healthy living:

Drink PLENTY of water!

Doctors recommend drinking six to eight glasses of water a day, but drinking 2-3 water bottles a day is just as beneficial. Cutting soda from your diet on the weekdays will help you lose weight, and keep your mind sharp.

Cut caffeine

Having trouble going to sleep? Stop drinking coffee, soda, and other caffeine-filled beverages six hours before you go to bed to sleep soundly.

Eat your fruits and veggies

Eat two servings of each every day. Head on over to the new cafeteria salad bar to get some fresh salad and yogurt with a variety of delicious toppings available.

Drink your milk

To those guilty of  giving your milk to friends, next time, don’t pass it – drink it. The school offers a variety of flavors for all those picky drinkers.

Exercise 30 minutes a day

Whether it’s biking to school, walking twice around the block, or playing your favorite sport, any heart-pumping physical activity is beneficial. Start off with twice a week, then increase the amount of hours you exercise a week as you get used to it.

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