Welcome to Lee, Camille Trevino – our new College Advisor

Seniors! Even though school just started college is still right around the corner, there’s so much you have to do to be prepared, if you haven’t already you should start now.

By Haley Newman

If you also haven’t signed up for your SAT or ACT you should go see our new college advisor Camille Trevino in the career center, she would love to help get you started and see if your eligible for a wavier. If you ever have any questions about college, scholarships, SAT’s, ACT’s, how to be prepared, or anything you can go talk to her before or after school or during lunch. Even lower class-men can go by and talk to her, the sooner the better you will be more prepared for your senior year.

We will be posting more info about what scholarships you can apply to here on campus, so keep a look out for that on here or go see Ms. Trevino for further more information.

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