Robotics Team Not Afraid Of Bugs

“Big Red!” the team shouts as loud as possible when their called upon from the Robotics team roster. September 3rd was the start of the 2011 Best Robotics competition. This year’s theme is ‘Bugs!’ a charming one which brings to mind creepy, gross, crawling things everywhere. Ew, some people might automatically exclaim, but Lee’s Robotics Team has no fear.

“I have a good feeling about this year,” coach Ron Pundt said.

The bugs, of course, are not real, which seemed to upset some of the students competing. Nerds+bugs=great match. This year’s competition will be on October 15th at St. Mary’s University.  This isn’t what some people would consider to be a ‘nerd fest.’ Teams go all out for thecompetition, bringing cheerleaders, band, and, of course, their lovely school mascots. Dying hair, painting faces, cheering so loud that you lose your voice for days.

As once said by a graduating member, ‘Once you go to a game, there is no way that you will ever say no to another.’

Nerds? Maybe. Geeks? Probably. But losers?  Never.

We have the Big Red Spirit, do you?

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