Lee Star Still Shines Bright

On September 1st, Lee lost one of our own, an amazing woman, Mindy Lanoux. Not only was she a strong woman, but a caring mother, wife, and teacher.

“The first English teacher who’s ever impacted me positively has left this world, but her spirit lives on in the memories of every person she’s met,” Class of 2011, Kat Dominguez said. “She might never flash that smile that made everything okay, but it isn’t lost forever. I can still picture it: everything I told her, something outrageous and she would laugh and say ‘Oh Kat, what are we going to go with you?’ or ‘That’s one way to think of it’ and my favorite ‘More power to ya!’ As long as I can still remember that I think I’ll be okay.”

All it takes is a smile, a laugh, as simple as that, to impact someone’s life. I think we all learned something from Mindy Lanoux: how to smile, to laugh, to write an amazing English paper, or simply be excited about life.

“You were an inspiration to everyone that had the pleasure of knowing you,” senior Christian Ortiz stated. “You will be greatly missed and remembered in our hearts.”

An inspiration, she helped found STEM RAM Academy three years ago. Her smile, our smiles, teachers, students, staff, all of us light up the world around us, so we will always remember Mindy Lanoux, because that smile lives on in Lee. Thoughts and wishes go out to Mrs. Lanoux’s family with this simple message, ‘She will never be forgotten.’

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