Tex Book Review

S.E. Hinton is quite possibly best known for her first two novels The Outsiders and Rumble Fish. These two novels were so popular with teen audiances because they were about loners yearning to belong (something I think we can all relate to). But Hinton’s third novel, Tex, is something completely different…

15-year-old Tex McCormick is easygoing, thoughtless, direct, and sweet. He likes everyone and everything, such as rodeos, his beloved Horse Negrito, and his best friend Johnny’s sister Jamie. He lives with his older brother Mason in a ramshackle house planted in the rural town of Garyville, Oklahoma as their father is touring the rodeo circuit for five months and their mother isn’t around anymore. But all in all, Tex is blissfully happy with his life. But one day, Mason does something that causes Tex to go over the edge. Now, Mason wants to get out of Oklahoma while Tex just seems to attract trouble and danger along the way. Suddenly, these boy’s lives are slowly being turned upside down. Everything is falling apart. Can Tex keep it together?

In 1982, the novel was turned into a straight-to-video Disney movie starring Matt Dillon.

Like The Outsiders, Tex is a sweet and innocent story that still has intensity thrown into the mix. Though the story and tone are different, fans will still be intrigued by the heart pounding twists and turns, which makes this engrossing story hard to put down.

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