Album Review – Truant Wave EP

Click to hear excerpt of Spotlight (Oh Nostalgia)

You know the new Fall Out Boy album that came out? No, because they broke up, but their lead singer has been working on some projects. He is now a multi-instrumentalist in addition to being a producer.

The new album has much less angst than Fall Out Boy. In this EP, Patrick explores more dance beats and R&B influences. He has been quoted in an interview talking about his new music.

“Another important reason for the distilled difference between my previous stuff and what I’m doing now is that I’m protective of Fall Out Boy’s legacy; I don’t want to mess with it by putting out hip-hop, pop, fusion, art-rock, and R&B records with them, so I’m creating another outlet to do it.” (Common Revolt)

He has been working on this album since late 2010 and is so excited to finally release his EP. The album is not easy to place in the cookie cutter mold of dance, R&B, or even pop. It is a mix, it is a combination, it is the type of upbeat music which makes people happy.

So whether you like him better in trucker caps, or classy suits, you should check this out.


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