Teens Take Advantage of Freedom With Fun

We all enjoy waking up early for school but, I have taken out time from my rigorous studying and class going to find out what you guys do on you own time.

“On the weekends I fill my time with friends and shopping!’

-Valerie Carranza, Class of 2015

“On a typical Saturday I wake up around 11:00, play with my dog, mess with my sister, when someone finally calls me. Then, after all that, I come home and prepare for my nightlife.”

– December Joy,  Class of 2014

“After school I am usually working at Forever 21. It’s hard balancing school and work, especially when you have to close and wake up early.”

-Maria Ramirez, Class of 2013

“I work at Oak Hills Country Club early Friday and Saturday , it’s very tiring.”

-Valerie Ortiz, Class of 2012

Katherine Sotelo, Sahira Zuniga, Katrian DelaCruz and Jan Piedad pos in Austin.

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