Jock Box: Sarah Harder

Sarah Harder

Name: Sarah Harder

Position: Libero

JV, Varsity or Freshman team: Varsity

Jersey Number:2

Who inspired you to play volleyball?

“In third grade I joined a CYO team, and my incredible coach has kept me going for nine years.”

What is the best thing about your sport?

“The rush of adrenaline after a great dig is by far the best. I also love hanging out with my team, they are like a family to me. A fun and very crazy family.”

When did you begin playing your sport?

“In third grade. In sixth grade our CYO team changed into a club team, and in seventh grade I started playing for my school, in addition to club.”

What was the most exciting thing about the first game/match

“In high school? It was great to play at a whole new level.

“In third grade? We had no idea what was going on at first, and getting an under hand serve over the net was a great accomplishment

“This year? It was exciting to see if our team would come together after all the time we spent practicing together over the summer. We lost a few players and gained a few new ones, so it was exciting to see the team pull together.”

What will be the worst thing about the last game/match

“I will be done after nine great years of volleyball. I am going to miss my team, the excitement before a game, and the great feeling after a win.”

What lessons have you learned in sports that you will take with you in your future?

“Volleyball is a team sport, and has taught me so much about getting along with everyone. To be successful, everyone must pull their own weight and hold themselves accountable.”

Tell me a story about the most memorable thing that has happened in your sport this year?

“Our first game we beat Roosevelt, which was incredibly exciting. Every day is exciting in volleyball, and each day we make new memories and have new things to laugh about. It is hard to pick out the most memorable thing, but I’d say our first district win was definitely one of the best parts of the season.”


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