What Height do You Like?

Short or tall? That’s the question. People never seem to be happy with their height . “I’m too tall, I’m too short, I need to grow, I can’t stop growing,” are some little comments you hear about people complaining about their height.

When asked, “If you could choose, would you be short or tall and why?” Andrew Gomez, 11th grade says, “Tall, because short people suck.”

Sarah Davis, 12th grade says, “Tall, its better, I’d rather be tall and graceful than short and stubby.”

Junior Christian Rodriguez says, “Tall, because of the advantages for sports.”

Spanish teacher Ms. Valdez says, “Tall, because no one wold be looking down on me.”

Majority rules! Tall is the new short. So, it was asked, “Are you happy with the height you’re at now?” Sophomores Daniel Gozales and Zahra Barsi agreed, “Yeah.”

Junior Andrew Gomez says, “No, I want to be like 6’3.”

Christian Rodrigues, 11th grade, “Yes, 6’2. it’s pretty legit.”

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