Who Inspired You To Play?

High shcool may be a daunting place for a freshman. They are new and don’t know their way around yet. However, some 9th graders are fearless, and would go for anything. Just like these 9th graders.

The big talk is ” Who inspired you to play football?

Jacob Anton:

“Who inspired me; it was me. I inspired myself, no one else but me. The reason is because football isn’t just a sport it the sport of my life. It keeps me out of trouble and I love football. I like handing with my friends that play football as well.”

Fred Martinez:

“Who inspired me to play was my friends, only my friends. I saw how good they were at it, so  I thought I would try it to see if I would like it, and it turns out, I love it. I love hitting people and I love running through the line to mess up their plays. Football is for me, thanks to my friends.”

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