Terrifying Moments

Think of the most terrifying moment of your life, and, if you don’t have one for now, just be afraid of the dark. Humans like terrifying moments in the movies and on TV as long as they don’t have to personally face them.

Every human being has one heart-racing, blood- pumping, feeling the fear of the last moment of being alive, a.k.a. their most terrifying moment.

It can be something simple like being afraid of surgery, because you don’t know if the procedure will go right. Despite the hospital horror stories, it does. Well…most of the time.

It could be the fear or pain realized. Someone just walking somewhere and he/she didnt notice the metal pole, split their foot open, and are taken to the hospital to get stitches

If you were faced with your most terrifying moment, what would you do… besides passing out, screaming like a little girl, or ruining your pants?

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