Turning Japanese for Kita’s Sushi

I was ecstatic to hear a sushi resturant was opening up so close to my house and school. My mom and I waited weeks for the doors of Kita’s Sushi to open. Though the location is notorious for flopping businesses, we have faith that Kita’s will prosper and come out on top.

The prices are more than reasonable, and the quality is outstanding. The one man band responsible for the delicious sushi is Kita Suki himself.

“I’ve been doing this all my life,” says Kita. He’s often seen buzzing around the place when it gets busy or hanging out watching YouTube videos when it’s slow.

All rolls, salads, soups, and sushi are as fresh as can be. And for your random sushi cravings, there’s take out! All in all, I give Kita’s Japanese four jalepenos. Or should I say, sushi rolls? Haha.


Address:5433 Blanco (Next to Vietnam Gardens, Across from Santos)

Phone:(210) 236-7917

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