What Career Do You Want?

As we’re get older, adults ask us what do we want to be when we grow up. Some people want to be doctors or teachers, while others would want outrageous careers such as circus performers and zoo keepers.

I have also found some people want careers that pay tons of money such as fashion designers and rock stars.

In my independent study on the Lee campus, I found one girl named named Courtney who wanted to be a archaeologist because, “I don’t know. I just like Indiana Jones.”

People want these careers for different reasons. Some wanted to follow in their family’s footsteps or maybe do what they saw on TV.

The difference between careers and jobs is that a career is a job you decide to do for a living. Some careers require a degree, license or certificate. A job is a place where you work. It is where you are employed to earn money to make a living on and pay your bills and live on.

A boy named Tristian Ortiz Miguel Hernandez, who works at H-E-B, said he works so he can “get money to pay my phone bill and buy clothes.”

There are a lot of careers in the world, and you can be whatever you want. But you have to put you heart and soul into a career to make it a reality.

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