You Did What Before Friday’s Game?

Varsity Football Player Gabriel Ramos

Teens all have their little nerve relievers, superstitions and rituals before really big performances, tests, or games. They could range from listening to a certain song minutes before to eating a special breakfast before you head out for the big day.

What do these teens do to get pumped up? What do the Varsity football players, band kids, and dancers do?

Helmets on, the feeling of the turf under your cleats, sweat dripping down the side of your neck, but still not pumped?

“Before a game I walk the 50 yard line by myself,” Gabriel Ramos said.”When I first see the other team I get really pumped up.”

Maybe all they need is to see your opponent or maybe its just a hearing a certain song?

“Every performance day I listen to Engine No.9 by Deftones to start my day,” Briana Rodriguez said “After that I don’t really have to mentally prepare myself, I just go with the flow during the performance. It’s like an adrenaline rush. It’s something I have to do,but I like it.”

Drum Line: Bass Briana Rodriguez

For some, it’s the routine that keeps them ready.

“I just think about it three times and I go over the steps,” Dixie Driller Amairany Montoya said. “Throughout the day, I have to drink a lot of water, and right before we perform I always do my splits at least once.”

Dixie Driller Amairany Montoy


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