Album Review-Neighborhoods

Rating: PG-13

Length: About 41 Minutes

What I Think: Much more mature than their albums before, the content is cleaned up, while the creative lyrics are still there for you to memorize and quote.

Recommended? Yes!

When Mark Hoppus announced  “Blink-182 is Back,” lots of people celebrated. September 27th rolled around and Neighborhoods dropped onto the shelves of almost every major store, and the people ate it up. Having Blink back after almost 8 years of “hiatus” is exciting, and their new album, while not as funny or playful, is still a Blink 182 album.

A reviewer from Sputnik Music said  “To me, a Blink-182 album always seemed playful. Even the last record, which found maturity cracking through the pop-counterculture artificiality of the Mark, Tom, and Travis show, claimed adolescence. But Neighborhoods is an album from Blink-182 that, post-divorce and post-reconciliation, escapes the cultural trope of Blink-182.”

The maturity is showing up in this album. Gone is the high school immature humor, and teenage love ballads. This album seems to be all about moving forward, and telling about the past. While the 30 year-olds singing about high school hook ups are long gone, Blink is back, and so far it has been a good thing.

Blink-182 is:
Mark Hoppus – Vocals and bass guitar
Tom Delonge – Vocals and guitar
Travis Barker – Drums

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