Death of an Icon: R.I.P. Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs (photo from:

If you own an iPod,iPhone, or iPad, you know who Steve Jobs is. Wednesday, the technological pioneer lost his battle with pancreatic cancer. He leaves behind a wife, 4 kids, and a half-sister.

Although Jobs never finished college, he made the most of his 56 years on Earth. He not only invented the iPod, but was also CEO of Pixar Corporation for a time, founded the Apple Corporation, revolutionized mobile phones, laptops, and invented the iPad. His net worth was $7 billion, and he gave generously to charities.

Jobs was having health problems years prior to his death. He’d been battling pancreatic cancer for years. Job’s resigned from the position as CEO of Apple, months prior to his passing. According to his family, Jobs died peacefully in his sleep after complications of his battle with Pancreatic cancer.

Steve Jobs will not only be remembered as the inventor of the iPod, but also as a technological revolutionary, visionary, and a genius.

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